Clear Blue Water

we make media investment work harder…

Clear Blue Water is a results focused full service media agency that delivers real return on advertising investment.  We plan and buy media smarter, so that your advertising budget works harder to meet your business objectives.

How do we do this?  We look at the metrics that count; what you’re paying, cost per response and cost per acquisition.  We have invested in software that allows us uncover real insights into increasing the effectiveness of your advertising.  When you measure something, you can improve it, it’s as simple as that.

With our knowledge and experience in this area, combined with the negotiation power of Core Media Group, we will save you money, but more importantly, spend it smarter.

Get the benefits of a more effective advertising spend and put Clear Blue Water between you and the competition.  Contact us today.

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Clear Blue Water at the IAPI AdFx Awards

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The IAPI AdFx Awards (also known as the Advertising Effectiveness awards) honour the most effective advertising campaigns that appeared in both the Irish and International markets.

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